Shin Splints Rehab Protocol

A holistic strength, flexibility, and mobility protocol to recover from persistent shin splints once and for all.

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The Shin Splints Rehab Protocol is a 6-12 week holistic strength, flexibility, and mobility program tailored to the individual. Regardless of where you are in your rehabilitation journey, the Shin Splints Rehab Protocol will get you back to active and living a healthy happy life pain-free from shin splints.

The protocol is split into three distinct rehabilitation phases to ensure a strong and healthy foundation is established enabling strong and reliable progression in your rehabilitation.

  • PHASE 1 – Hypertrophy
  • PHASE 2 – Strength
  • PHASE 3 – Speed & Endurance

The program is designed to take you from chronic and persistent shin splints to being active and pain-free by managing movement, building strong and resilient muscles and drastically improving bone and tissue tolerance over time.


Features You Actually Need

Exercise Demonstration Videos
No more guessing or Googling what exercises you are supposed to be doing.

Step-by-step Exercise Explanations
Complete start-to-finish descriptions teaching you how to do each exercise successfully.

Track Your Progress & Adherence
Accountability, giving you the power over your rehabilitation so you know what’s working and what isn’t.

Push Notifications & Alerts
No more forgetting. No more excuses. (can be turned on/off by you)

Access Protocol via Web and App
Access your recovery on any device where you have internet.


No more wasted money on gimmicks, hacks, or cheap tricks. Get back to active and stay healthy!