We are happy (yet sorry) you have made your way to our website. We know that shin splints and related overuse injuries are a painful and depressing thing to deal with. Especially when you rather be out competing and enjoying sports and activities pain-free.

The words “shin splints” are often met with a lot of misinformation and sometimes harmful “guidance”, despite good intentions. We understand that it is confusing and frustrating when people brush off shin splints as normal and simply tell you to go buy new shoes. We wish it were so simple. What’s worse is when you end up with a much more severe injury. Stress fractures and compartment syndrome can be both very painful, very serious. Both also require much longer rehabilitations than simple shin splints. And when you don’t know where to go or what to do to figure it all out, it can be a long journey before you get the help you need. If you even get the help you need.

Many people continue to suffer with improperly diagnosed injuries because they weren’t properly educated. That is why we created this website. To help guide people through the process of figuring out what is wrong once and for all. As well as help people go through rehabilitation and getting back to active.

People should not have to live in pain or fear of pain when going for a walk, a run, or playing their favourite sport. Human beings are meant to move and move often, so we want to help keep that possible.

Along with the informational website, we will continue to develop content and research into shin splints in order to continuously provide the most accurate, up-to-date, and useful guidance we possibly can.